Why Your Not For Profit Needs Google My Business

July 26, 2020

Google My Business is a tool every non-profit organisation should be utilising. It offers a comprehensive dashboard that can support the online digital needs of a non-profit.

Whilst it’s not a new tool, it has evolved, with improved ways to help you manage your organisation better online. With any good Google listing, you will need Google My Business for accessible communication and connection with donors and an easy way to manage online profiles.

Let us explain how it helps non-profit organisations.

More Impact, Wider Reach

This platform provides an opportunity for a detailed profile. When providing your organisational information, ensure it contains all the essential details to be indexed in every search query and online channels. 

Why Your Not For Profit Needs Google My Business - listing information google my business

Another great thing about Google My Business is that it allows you to reach more people. When you have a Google My Business account, your profile will be displayed on every Google channel you are part of. So, you have the opportunity for many people to see and understand your organisation since the pattern is already detailed.

Here is a quick tip. When creating your rich content profile, ensure you use the right keywords that online users will type into search. This will help make you more visible.

You Can Create Posts With Google My Business

This is a great place to reach people. And it’s simple.  Share your content from Facebook posts and other Social Media platforms on your dashboard. You can also share a special event that is coming up to spread the word. You can share it on your dashboard for people to see, just like this one below:

Why Your Not For Profit Needs Google My Business - google posts


Sharing your goals and news will attract like minds and the public. To reach the world through Google, just use the “post” option. 

Response Is Easy

Google My Business is becoming a platform of choice for many not for profits and businesses. It’s continuing to improve regularly, and if you share more about your organisation, the more your audience will have a better understanding of who you are and what you are doing. 

Why Your Not For Profit Needs Google My Business - google reviews

Encourage your audience/donors to share their experiences using the Review option. People will become more interested when they realise that your organisation has been beneficial to others. 

Take It With You!

Google My Business is also available as a mobile app for iOS devices. So it’s portable for you and your organisation, and can be updated from anywhere! 


It Works!

The best time to invest in your organisation is now. Google My Business is free, so take the opportunity to build your profile and connect with the right audience. 

There are a lot of handy things you can do on this platform. If you’re new to using GMB, get in touch with us today and let’s help you get started. 

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