Why SEO Is Good For Non Profits

November 15, 2019

If you’re part of a non profit organisation, then you probably understand how frustrating it can be to believe in the great vision that you have, only to be held back by practical concerns. Whether it is about mitigating climate change, saving a species from extinction, or securing funds for cancer research, non profit charities need all the support they can get in order to get the job done.

Apart from traditional forms of charity fundraising, such as banquets and concerts, did you know that one of the best and most cost-effective ways to raise the funds a non profit needs is through an optimised website?

So, Why Do Non Profits Need SEO?

It will be easier for potential donors to find you

Effective websites are an organisation’s best tool. According to the charity assessment organisation Charity Navigator, online donations increased by 23 percent in 2017, and monthly online donations grew by 40 percent. Given that, it is quite essential that your organisation ensures they are easy to find for philanthropists and advocates who are interested in supporting your cause.

With well-implemented SEO efforts, it will be easier for potential contributors to reach out to you, whether they’re regular supporters of the cause or recent advocates.

You are not limited by your organisation’s size

Even though your work is not for profit, you will still have to cut through all the advertising noise and reach the right audiences. Similar to how businesses aim to overtake their competitors, your organisation will have to religiously come up with relevant content.

With websites and online marketing today, it can be easier for organisations, whether big or small, to make sure the valuable content they produce does not go to waste.

You will be able to make a greater impression locally

For many organisations, local attention is most important as it is what reels in their financial sustainability. This is best achieved by ensuring good visibility and ranking when they look up your advocacy online.

It can rouse undue suspicion for a user if they go online, look up “not for profit Australia,” and find that your organisation isn’t part of the results (or at least part of the first few pages). After all, if you were in their shoes, you’re bound to think twice before you place your money on a local non profit that you’ve never heard of, right?

Grow Your Non Profit Using SEO

Tell your story and share your vision

When it comes to finding the best charities to donate to, it usually starts with them resonating with the organisation’s story and its cause. In order to achieve the same with your own target audience, remember that the “what” to every story is only half the battle. “How” you relay your story is more essential.

Thanks to websites, there are many ways you can do this. The best being with well-written, SEO-optimised blog posts that not only effectively tell your organisation’s story, but are easily searchable, too.

Reach the right market in the most efficient ways

In order to make sure your website reaches the right people, it is paramount that you know the right keywords to use, especially if you leverage local SEO. Taking into consideration the different most-searched-terms geographically is highly critical in maximising your online marketing efforts.

Make the actual donation process more convenient

Another approach towards successful fundraising is by making the donation process hassle-free. This can be easily done with good mobile-friendly website design that provides a multitude of ways to send in donations, and easily adapts to people’s on-the-go lifestyles. With responsive web design, it will only take a couple of simple clicks for supporters to send funds your way.

The Best Local SEO for Non Profits

This is just the tip of the iceberg for successfully utilising SEO to your non profit’s advantage. There remains a whole slew of matters to cover, such as incorporating your website into the rest of your digital marketing plan, as well as further SEO efforts such as creating search engine optimised meta descriptions, page titles, and subtitles.

Successful marketing through SEO doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t have to hire a separate SEO consultant, web designer, and content creator – you can leave all those needs to a single digital marketing specialist.

Contact Elevate Your Cause today and learn more about how we can maximise your non profit organisation’s local reach and get you the support you need.

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