Voice Search Optimisation – For Non-Profits

March 19, 2020

Just as any establishment benefits from reliable SEO practices, non profit charities benefit greatly from optimising their online presence as it can drive in the support, and most importantly, the financial stability, to keep their assistance accessible.

A crucial point of website optimisation is ensuring responsive web design, which in this day and age must include voice search optimisation.

When it comes to optimising websites, voice search optimisation will typically be the last thing to come to mind, especially for a non profit organisation.

Nonprofits may wonder how it can help with charity fundraising efforts. The thing is, it’s actually more potent than it is initially given credit for in this area. With the current market that nonprofits will be dealing with, voice search just may be the ticket to the indelible support and sustenance your non profit organisation needs.

What is voice search?

As its name suggests, voice search relates to web searches done with your voice. All you need to do is ask a question or command a digital assistant like Amazon Echo, Siri, or Google to obtain particular information for you. It has risen in popularity over the last few years due to the greater use of mobile products.

When you ask, say, Google Assistant a question, for example, your query will be logged just as any other type of search engine query is, and the connected search engine will then scour the internet for the best results. Among the results pulled out from well-ranking online content that fits the search criteria, the search result displayed as the featured snippet is usually what the voice search response will provide the user.

Why is it important for non-profit organisations?

The days of “traditional” SEO, and inserting keywords here and there and as well as ensuring a well-functioning website design simply doesn’t cut it anymore. The principal remains: you have to get to that top spot, but this time, it gets more specific as your website will need to work toward becoming the featured snippet that the voice search assistant chooses.

How can it be optimised for your non-profit?

There are lots of ways to optimise your website’s voice search-friendliness, whether your organisation focuses on a retirement funding or building a social enterprise for displaced families. It’s all down to knowing how.

1Ensure all details are complete

An important part of ensuring your spot in the featured snippet is to get your organisation listed on Google My Business. With that, it is essential that all your information about your company, like the complete address, phone numbers, business hours, and types of payments accepted, are available. Encouraging positive reviews also help to boost your chances of coming up as the featured snippet.


2. Review and revise your site’s current content

It’s also crucial for you to take another look at your website’s existing content and see what can be revised to maximise their voice search potential. It is best to seek recommendations from your SEO consultant as to what content has the potential to answer the questions that are most commonly typed. To start, common phrases are “how to”, “what is”, “how do” and “how does.”


3. Focus on local searches

One should never underestimate the power of local SEO. According to a recent study, 75% of smart speaker owners that actively searched for services looked for local businesses on a weekly basis. Similarly, we can expect that when people are on the lookout for the best charities to donate to, they are most likely to support organisations that are nearer and more accessible. With that, your SEO efforts, including your voice search, should incorporate localised phrases such as the name of your area or city.

In the end, although your organisation is for not for profit purposes, maximising its potential through smart SEO practices employed by organisations all over the world is the best route you can take. To begin incorporating voice search optimisation into your SEO strategy as a not for profit Australia-based organisation, consult with reliable search engine optimisation consultants that understand your market best.

Get in touch today and let’s discuss the online needs for your Non-profit Organisation and elevate your impact.

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