Social Enterprise: The Importance Of Having A Marketing Strategy

January 14, 2020
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A research conducted by the Cone Communications shows that 87% of customers support products or services of businesses that have advocacy or role in supporting a relevant issue. 

In order for your social enterprise to edge out competitors, you need to organise a marketing strategy that is parallel to the laid-out business plan.

Using marketing strategies online typically involves seeking recommendations from SEO consultants. By truly learning the foundations of different marketing platforms and their functions, you’ll be able to organise a strategy that is defined by SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound) objectives.

Based on your marketing plan, the primary step is to determine your target audience or market.

Once this has been identified, the next phase is creating a unique brand voice and making sure that all messages being conveyed are reflective of such voice. With the advertising clutter that bombards the public, there lies the constant struggle of how to get noticed. Sure there can be a multitude of sweeping takeaways: be original, audience centred, brand-consistent. But how do you really get the message across? The answer can be devilishly tricky: marketing strategy.


Here’s why marketing strategy is important for every social enterprise:

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Serves as a guide in service development and expansion

A social enterprise needs to be dynamic. In the case of a school, services and even the facilities of the institution need to be developed and regularly updated. This is why having a marketing strategy is important. If the strategy sticks with the SMART objectives, you will have your marketing direction drafted out as well.


Helps you discover areas of improvement

Setting a marketing strategy would help your social enterprise to look for specific areas of improvement. It is where you map out your weaknesses and turn them into opportunities to do better. Should your business improve its customer services? Should visual and graphic ads use a subtler approach? Here are some questions that marketing strategies would surely answer.


Calibrates the service prices through research

Competitor checking has never been this convenient. With the amplitude of online tools, and online presence via social media and websites , you are more than equipped. All it takes is a rigorous research. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat, have useful tools and features that could be used as research instruments. Since your brand values customer satisfaction and brand presence, utilising such instruments to gather insights as part of your overall strategy will help can help set competitive pricing for your services.


Promotes coordination

A social enterprise works like the human body. Each part needs to function optimally and collaborate with other parts to work perfectly. In a business, coordination is key to optimised staff utilisation. Marketing strategies help enterprises improve coordination among the team.


In conclusion

The marketing strategies that your social enterprise should use must be able to guarantee long-term effectiveness, and not just band-aid solutions to the blunders you encounter.

Integrate your marketing campaigns with various media outlets online. Make use of social media influencers and local search engine optimisation experts to build a good reputation around your brand or services.

Lastly, evaluate your social enterprise’s marketing strategies online regularly to see if it is effective or not. 

Your journey in becoming a successful social enterprise is a gradual process, so buckle up and strategise. This will be your business’ recipe for success. Contact Elevate Your Cause for further assistance with your online marketing needs.

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