Mobile SEO For Schools

August 15, 2020

Nowadays, a higher percentage of people use their mobile phones for most things. So, before a potential student opens their desktop to search for your location, services, and other important details, they must have either heard about your school or liked what they saw from their mobile device. To be easily accessed on mobile, you need to use mobile SEO for your site. 

What is mobile SEO? 

Mobile SEO is concerned with setting up your website so that it looks great on a mobile device like it does on a desktop. Using mobile SEO will give all your users a better site experience since there will be a perfect display no matter the size of the screen. 

Strategies for having a better mobile SEO 

Use responsive design

Responsive designs make your school website appear correctly on any device. It will detect the device that is trying to open the site and adjust the result to fit its screen. Without a responsive design, some users will have a better experience than the others, and this can make you lose potential students and investors. 

Most times, when a user opens a site, everything appears crowded. And for the user to read, they will need to zoom the page. When you have integrated responsive design, it will make the page compatible with the screen of the user’s mobile device. This makes it easy to read by scrolling. 

Opt for shorter site response time

Users do not have forever to wait for a page to load. This is even more common with younger people that are your target audience. If they try to open your page but can’t within seconds, they will leave and go to another. You can have better site loading time by following the instructions on Google PageSpeed Insight.

Pay attention to your user experience 

It is easier to have good user experience with responsive design. However, this design is not all you have to do for your website.

To improve your user experience, you have to use thumb-friendly design to help the target audience to scroll through the page and click items easily. You should also ensure that your font style and size can be read on smaller devices. 

Also, you will need to make your call to action buttons easy to find. If you are recruiting, let the “Apply” button be displayed at the top, middle and bottom of the page. You can also include links as texts that will lead to the application page. 

Create a simple navigation bar

You have many aspects of your school to share with your students and those intending. After arranging them on different landing pages and folders, you should arrange your navigation bar on the top of your website so that it can be easy to locate. This will leave the School’s landing page neat with fewer items. 

Summing Up 

In 2020 and beyond, you can’t ignore mobile SEO. As more users turn to their devices for online search, your school can’t afford to miss out on this slice of the pie. Reach out today and let’s help you optimise your site for mobile.

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