Key Optimisation Tips for Nonprofit Websites

December 07, 2019

Far from the old practices of handing out flyers and plastering publicity materials all over town, successfully spreading the word regarding your charity fundraising today relies heavily on online marketing: mainly, an effective website.

Unfortunately, many non profit organisations are not quite aware of the struggle that comes with getting a good online presence. It is more than just setting up a website, adding in some posts, and waiting for the traffic (and support!) to come. If you want your website for your organisation or cause to create the buzz it needs online, then knowing the best marketing practices is essential.

But how exactly can you as a non profit organisation ensure you’re doing the right practices for your website? Here are some points to consider.


1 – Establish What Your Non Profit’s Goal Is

When potential donors are in search of the best charities to donate to, they will most probably begin with those that resonate with them the most. How do you get them to trust your non profit organisation? Well besides being professional at all times, the answer is simple – develop quality content.

What is your non profit all about? What is your goal and vision for your advocacy? If there’s any place to tell people how you want to make the world a better place, there’s no better avenue than your website.

When creating your website’s content, make sure that your goals are clear and well-incorporated into your messaging. Not only will this educate your target audience about your cause, but it will also maximise your SEO efforts.


2 – Optimise Your Website For Interaction

If there’s any way to engage your target audience better, it is through website design that’s optimised for interaction. Remember, there are lots of organisations with websites out there, but not all of them have interesting websites that will make people want to stay and actually check out the content.


Breast Aware Australia  

This is where you can make your website stand out. A website can be further optimised by investing in responsive web design. This will make on-the-go browsing equally convenient laptops, phones and other commonly used devices.


3 – Make It Easy To Donate

Speaking of hassle-free browsing, it is also best that your website’s design allows interested donors to easily make donations. Non profit charities rely on these fundraising activities, so providing plenty of methods to contribute will draw your potential donors deeper into your cause.

Making sure there’s a donation form available on every page of the site helps. It is also ideal to explore excellent customer relations techniques to amplify your SEO efforts.


4 – Know How To Reach Your Local Audience

Local SEO is a critical aspect in successful fundraising. People are most likely to donate to organisations with more locally-centred goals, which are naturally more relevant.

Given this, it’s highly important that your website is able to make geographic considerations. Doing so can be done by knowing their search engine behaviour, which can be tracked through the keywords they use when searching online. This way, you can ensure that the next time they Google “not for profit Australia,” your website will be easy to locate among the results.


Speak to a Non Profit Digital Marketing Specialist!

We understand that your organisation has a mission in mind. We know that you are not for profit, but for change. Know that it is all possible when you have a well designed and optimised website that checks all the boxes, from search engine-optimised content to user-friendly website design.

With Elevate Your Cause, there’s no need to go with a separate SEO consultant or web designer – all your local SEO and website needs can be easily achieved. Just like this example of our work –

Protect Our 1 – NFP Organisation, Sydney


Get in touch today and let’s discuss the online needs for your Non-profit Organisation and elevate your impact.

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