Instagram Business Tools for Charities

February 20, 2020

Instagram is a great way for charities and nonprofits to visually share compelling stories and imagery and bring them to a new audience.

If you are a nonprofit organisation a Business Account on Instagram is a must. There are several useful tools on this platform, which are free to use. Unlike a personal account, you can drive more actions to promote the conversions you are after – like donations!

This post looks at some key features your charity needs to consider, to increase your reach on Instagram and develop deeper connections with supporters and donors.


Having A Clear Cause Message In You Profile

When users are looking for profiles to follow, they usually head to your page’s image, category and description. If this information leaves people asking “what is this charity or cause actually about?’ there is a high likelihood that you have not converted that browser into a follower.

Instagram has ‘Nonprofit Organisation’ and ‘Charity Organisation’ category options, so as soon as your profile is visited, that user can identify your purpose. This must also be supported with an image that best describes your focus and a clear bio description that will resonate and connect.

Here is an example of the Save The Children profile that does this well:

Instagram Business Tools for Charities - IMG 9356


Adding A Donate Button On Your Profile

Instagram is rolling out the Donate button via profiles, making it even more easier for potential donors to make donations. charities and nonprofits rely on these donations, so providing an additional method to contribute will enhance users to take this action and support your cause.

Instagram Business Tools for Charities - IMG 9357

You can also add different donation amounts once this option is available for your location, which provides a seamless conversion process and improves the probability of receiving this. 


Adding A Donation Sticker on Stories in Instagram

Apart from Instagram adding Donate buttons on Instagram profiles, charities will also have the option to create Stories and add a donation sticker using this free tool once it’s available in your location. This option was released in the US in 2019, with Australia yet to have access. Now is a good time to think about integrating these options into your marketing and social media strategy.

How it works – select the Story option via the Instagram profile as usual, then select the Donation icon from the sticker options. Here we can see Oceana using this new feature:

Instagram Business Tools for Charities - IMG 9361


Instagram Highlight Buttons

Another great free tool charities can utilise on Instagram are Highlights. Have you ever visited an Instagram profile, and noticed the tiny circles with icons sitting just under the description and URL? These allow stories to be saved, past the usually 24 hour live period, so that if a user has missed it on the day it was shared, they can always revisit this in your Highlights.

An effective way to do this, is to optimise for specific topics related to your cause. This also helps from a branding perspective, as you share your messages using recognisable colours and images relating to your charity. 

Instagram Business Tools for Charities - IMG 9358


Harness your Instagram Power

As with all online platforms and profiles that can support spreading your word and reach, Instagram can be a powerful platform for your charity or nonprofit organisation to use – as long as you stay in the know about it’s many changing features and tools.

Elevate Your Cause can help you figure out your digital marketing strategy and keep you informed in this ever changing landscape.

Get in touch today and let’s discuss the online needs for your charity and elevate your impact.

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