Digital Marketing Tips When Running A Social Enterprise

November 03, 2019

We live in a world where brands grapple with the attention of consumers, particularly younger consumers whose attention span can be shorter than that of a goldfish. Advertisements are ubiquitous and the constant struggle of cutting through the clutter is something even the most seasoned marketers still have to deal with.

If a business wants to gain more traction, the internet is no doubt the most ideal platform to penetrate these young audiences. However, the digital age entails more than mere utilisation of online marketing tools; but rather an effective way of doing so.

For commercial businesses, this is already challenging enough. For a social enterprise, it can be even more so.

There are several salient points that social entrepreneurs religiously follow to ensure their efforts effectively manage time and costs in Social Media SEO. Here are some of them:

Starting Out With Social Media

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A popular practice nowadays is to complement your website with social media pages. Setting them up doesn’t cost much, which is helpful for nonprofit organisations. However, building your presence and maintaining it does take some effort, such as:

Choosing Your Platforms Wisely

It can be tempting to have your fingers in every pie, so to speak. But trying to maintain a presence on every social media platform is not only time-consuming, but can cause you to lose focus.

It’s recommended to select up to 3 platforms at most, that best suit your purpose and intention. For nonprofits, the most popular channels are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Keeping Your Consistency

Once you’ve set up your new pages, it’s time to get to the real work: creating and posting content. To maintain a steady growth of engagements, it’s important to be consistent with your posting. Following a content calendar is one way of doing so.

It’s also highly recommended for you to do rigorous research starting with media saturation for the different platforms. For Facebook, for instance, you could try posting once a day, while posting more frequently on Twitter.

Engaging Your Audience

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It will take some time to build a following, but once your enterprise does, the crucial step is how to keep these younger audiences engaged; as mentioned their attention span is short, and they are rather selective of the content they consume. This is done by:

Engaging by interacting

Growing your presence involves interacting with your followers. Actions such as liking and replying to comments, answering messages, or sharing posts that are related to your cause can go a long way in fostering good relations. More so, such a method shows your followers that their insights are particularly valued, and that their feedback is validated. Similar to posting, it’s important to keep your consistency.

Engaging by storytelling

Telling stories through your content is one of the most effective ways to get your message across. For social entrepreneurs with real stories to tell, this method can make a bigger impact. By humanising the brand, you can build deeper connections with your audience, and make them really understand your vision and cause.

Profit-oriented enterprises use stories as a gimmick for their marketing campaign, whereas social enterprises tell them as a way to promote their cause that benefits society, the environment, or the world as a whole.

Reinforce Organic Efforts With Paid Ads

This seems counter intuitive at first for a nonprofit, but running a few ads can definitely boost in your presence.

Facebook Ads and paid search advertising allows you to directly target audiences that are sure to support your enterprise. Done right with a social media and SEO strategy, you can reach your goals without having to spend your entire funds in marketing.

Go Out And Make An Impact With Digital Marketing!

With these tips, your social enterprise can finally go out and make a difference in the digital – and in the real world.

If you need the help of an expert in digital marketing, contact Elevate Your Cause and discuss your online and website needs today.

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