A Beginner’s Guide to SEO For Schools

April 26, 2020

With the help of digital marketing methods, schools can improve their chances of recruiting more enrolees. One of the best ways to bring in more students is to utilise school SEO.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a digital marketing method that enables websites appear in the search results pages. Websites that know how to make the most out of SEO enjoy a higher number of website visits that can turn into conversions.

In the case of schools, how can SEO help raise the number of enrolees? Here are some tips.


Know Your Keywords

At the heart of every good SEO strategy is the usage of the right keywords. When you know the words that your target audience are typing into their search queries, you’re one step closer to standing out among other schools in your area.

Education marketing is all about putting forward what your target market is looking for. From the convenience of location to the courses offered to everything that comes with the campus experience. And your knowledge of the right keywords will greatly help your website.

If you want to take things up a notch, take a calculated approach with keyword tools. These tools analyse what keywords users around your area type in when searching for schools like yours. Whether the query is all about basic or higher education, the right keywords can bring in better results.


Wording Them Properly Is Key

When you’ve gathered up a list of the most relevant keywords you could use for your school’s website, it’s now time to incorporate them appropriately into your web content. Simply stuffing pages with a bunch of keywords won’t help your website to stand out in the search results, it can even get penalised for doing so.

If the usage of keywords is the heart of every effective SEO strategy, the creation of valuable content is its precious moneymaker. After all, how can your school establish its integrity online if it can’t articulate its message? Your approval from the Department of Education will look like a fake when you don’t know how to create good content that comes with relevant keywords.

If, for example, the keywords that are searched for the most in your area is “Brisbane primary school”, you need to incorporate this phrase properly in your content. You could either place it in an article or the page title so Google can easily guide users into your website as it contains the keywords, and it is incorporated properly into the web content.


Write Effective Meta Descriptions

Try Googling anything after reading this article, anything at all. The results will display the title of the pages, and some words below. The paragraph below the title is called the Meta Description.

Google auto-fills every website that has no Meta Description, but writing effective Meta Descriptions that go with your websites can give your visitors a sneak peek into what they’ll expect to see in your school’s website. Good Meta Descriptions spark curiosity out of users and lure them into knowing more as they click on the website.

Even a web page that features content as simple as admission test schedules for a high school can use a good Meta Description. Incorporate your school’s location with keywords and end with a compelling Call-To-Action. Here’s an example:

“The best high school in Brisbane with the most competent teacher lineup, and advanced sports programs. Limited slots left Schedule an admissions test here.”

When you write Meta Descriptions like these using best practices, you can expect higher website visits, and maybe even an increase in the number of enrolees.



The basics of school SEO requires you to know the keywords your target audience is using and incorporating these words into well-written content. Every page and every piece of content should lead your audience to look into your school and eventually enrol into your school.

There’s so much more that comes into school SEO than what was discussed here. If you want to take a very methodical approach to your SEO efforts, you may ask the help of an SEO specialist. It will save you so much effort, and turn in better results in a shorter span of time.

Get in touch today and let’s discuss the online needs for your school.

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